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Warning for ZB 2019.

ZBrush 2019 has a bug in the COS and SIN functions. I made a FIX for this version but now the plugin isn't strictly ZScript based so it only works in Windows until I made the Mac version, the plugin file is ZTree2019.zsc. If you are in Mac you need to use the old version ZTree.zsc in ZBrush 2018 . 


ZTree is a plugin for modelling 3D trees using ZSpheres. You will be able to add dozens of branches with a simple click. Copy and Paste, Trim, change the branch angles, variations, length or use L-System to easily create interesting and intricate ZSphere structures that wouldn't be possible to achieve adding ZSpheres one by one. 

Overview Video and Tutorials:




  • ZTree Plugin.
  • Examples.
  • FiberMesh pre-sets for secondary branches and Leaves.


Plugins in ZBrush don't need to be permanently installed in order to use them. Simply unzip  the zip file to your preferred folder and run the plugin from that location.

Most likely ZBrush will be the app associated with the ZSC file extension so loading the plugin should be as simple as clicking on the ZSC file. If ZBrush isn't open yet this action will launch ZBrush with the plugin loaded in the Plugin subpalette and ready to use for the session. You can also load scripts directly from the ZScript Sub Palette.

To install the plugin so it's loaded every time ZBrush launches just move the ZTree.zsc file and the ZTreeData folder to "Your Installation Folder" \ ZBrush 2019 \ ZStartup \ ZPlugs64 \ .

ZTree2019 needs Microsoft VC++ redistributables. Chances are they are already installed in your PC but, if they are not, just unzip the included file VC++Redistributables.zip and run vc_redist.x64 to install the packages.

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ZTree - ZBrush Plugin

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